Maria de Jesus

Maria de Jesus dos Santos was born on 10 September 1893. She was the oldest person ever from the country of Portugal. On 11 June 2008, she reached 114 years 275 days, surpassing Maia do Couto Maia-Loupes as the oldest Portugese ever. (The latter was 114 years 274 days old.) 
In her final years, de Jesus remained responsive and was able to wave to visitors and family members despite having very limited sight and hearing. She was also able to walk with the help of a walker. 
de Jesus never ate meat, but she still ate fish and particularly enjoyed vegetables. She never learnt to read or write and at age 100, she expressed a wish to do so. "A teacher came for a few months, but she never made it," said a relative. (1)
On 26 November 2008, 115-year-old Edna Parker died, and de Jesus, then aged 115 years 77 days, became the new oldest living person. 
Just 37 days later, de Jesus died in an ambulance in the morning of 2 January 2009. The cause of death was reported as septic shock. She was 115 years, 114 days old.
The death left Gertrude Baines as the new oldest living person.
de Jesus is one of the 25 oldest people ever and the only 1893-born to have lived into 2009.