Guapísimas II

Don´t they look beautiful?
We´re still waiting for more photos.........

Primeras de Feria: Guapísim@s

Well, we have the first ones and just waiting for yours...
Did you do something different, come on write, share your experience, it will be welcome.

Feria, feria, ...

Remember to take beautiful photos in Feria to be sent to "the blogso" but to my e-mail adress.

And for the students in 2º I would like to have 3 wishes for the past, 3 for the present and 3 for the future. For example:


I wish I had had more time for the exercises


I wish I spoke French


I wish you would pass in May.

Marcelle Narbonne

Enter Marcelle Narbonne, the third-oldest French person currently alive. Born in Algeria on 25 March 1898, Narbonne later moved to France. Shown above is Narbonne in front of her 112th birthday cake.
According to GRG validator Martin Miet, Narbonne, during her birthday party, ate a large piece of strawberry cake and indulged in some champagne. She apparently loves to eat, and drinks a glass of muscatel every day. She takes no medicine, was never sick, and eats by herself at every meal. She is not able to walk in full capacity, but can stand up by herself for short periods of time.
Narbonne is mostly reticent, but loves poetry and often recites poems from Jean de La Fontaine by heart.
During her birthday, she shook hands with everyone and kissed the employees who were in charge of her at her care home. As Miet says, "When a young female singer sang her a special dedicated song and everybody applauded, Mrs Narbonne had shining eyes. In medical staff's opinion, she communicates very well with her eyes."
Narbonne, who had no children, lived by herself until 1962, the year she moved to France, after Algeria's independence from France on 5 July 1962. A year later, she retired from her job as a typist and lived with her younger sister, who died in 1995. She moved to her nursing home in 1999, where she continues to receive visits from her nephews.
Her case is unusual in that she was verified over two years after her 110th birthday. Contrast this to Domenica Di Tomasso (Ciccheli) (b. 11 February 1900), who was verified less than a month after her 110th birthday. However, this does not beat what I believe is the record: more than 17 years! This goes to Lucy Hannah of America, who was verified over 10 years after her death in 1993 at age 117 years, 248 days.
Appearing on Louis Epstein's list since 2 April 2010, Narbonne has NOT been verified by the GRG at the time of this writing.
22 July 2010. Since 15 July, Narbonne has been accepted by the GRG.

Mary Macdonald

Mary Ewan Macdonald has the most recent birthdate of any 1899-born supercentenarian. She also ranks among one of the youngest; she was born in Scotland on 29 December 1899 and died on 17 January 2010 at age 110 years, 19 days.

2 different ones by the same cameraman

Levantá! the porters raise and carry a heavy weight.

I don´t believe there are many cities in Europe with this driving sign!
Thankyou Agustín ;)

Conditional clauses

Now we are studying conditional clauses in 2º and in 1º they have already been taught, I have an easy exercise for you: Please finish the following conditional sentences making them true for you:

1. If I could meet a famous person ................................................
2.If I found a purse in the street ...................................................
3.If the weather is unpleasant at the Feria..............................................
4.I wouldn´t have met my best friend .........................................
5.As soon as I finish Bachillerato .....................................................
6. I would have sent my mother a bunch of flowers ...............................
7. If I saw a tsunami getting closer................................................
8. If I were the President of the United States ........................................

Could you now describe people´s different reactions to the incoming tsunami?


This sort of chiringuito that Elisa has sent from her holidays will be our tribute to all the fantastic chiringuitos on our coasts which will disappear with the "Ley de Costas". It´s a pity, now we won´t be able to repeat those fantastic moments we spent there.

De día y de noche

Manuel took these shots, they were taken in his village, Villanueva del Río y Minas.
(click on the images to make them bigger bigger)

Types of films

In 1º Bachillerato we are going to study the different film genres. Could you give us examples of the following (we need one example of each one) :

Action films:
Adventure films:
Crime and gangster films:
Epic/historic films:
Horror films:
Musical films:
Science fiction films:
War films:

Thank you!!!

I´m still waiting for your holiday shots ;)

3 more!

Alcautim is a little Portuguese village on the Guadiana River, border with Spain, opposite you can see a Spanish village called Sanlucar de Guadiana; Ana took this picture last week.
Also Beatriz has sent us these two photos from Montilla, nazarenas and "El Nazareno".
Beautiful three pictures, thankyou to both of you.
(Don´t forget to click to make them bigger)

Neva Morris

It gives me great regret to report that Neva Morris of Iowa, America, born on 3 August 1895, has died yesterday, 6 April 2010, at the age of 114 years, 246 days. She was the second oldest person in the world at the time of her death.
Morris was the oldest person ever from the state of Iowa, surpassing the recently-dead Olivia Patricia Thomas on 22 December 2009 to earn the title. Interestingly, when Thomas was still alive, she was the third-oldest person in the world at the time of her death, while Morris was the fourth.
In early life, Morris helped her four children to attend Iowa State University by raising chickens, hogs, and cows on her farm. In later years, Morris earned some notice for her 80-year accident-free driving record, finally stopping at the age of 95.
In her final years, Morris lived in the same nursing home as her son-in-law Tom Wickersham, who is 90. Morris was a member of PEO Chapter OH, a 60-year member of Collegiate United Methodist Church, and for 75 years was active in Eastern Star.
Wickersham stated in March 2010 that though Morris had vision and hearing deficiencies, she was still able to participate in limited activity at her nursing home.
When Mary Josephine Ray died on 7 March 2010 at age 114 years, 294 days, after a 177-day reign as the oldest living American, Morris took the title and also became the second-oldest living person.
Just 30 days later, at 4am yesterday, Morris died with Wickersham at her bedside. The title of second oldest living person passes to Eugenie Blanchard of France, who is only two months past her 114th birthday.

Incoming photos

Both photos belong to the same "paso", I like the angel, and the traffic light. Thanks Alba!
Thanks also to Germán who took the first one from Gibraltar, we can also see the African coast.

Ingeborg Mestad

Ingeborg Mestad was born on 15 November 1899. She is one of only two Norwegian supercentenarians alive today, the other being 17 July 1899-born Gudrun Onshuus. She has not been verified by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG) at the time of the writing of this post. She, however, has been accepted on the list of Louis Epstein, a researcher with the GRG.
11 June 2010: My condolences go to the family of Ingeborg Mestad who, I have just learnt, has passed on. Her death on 5 June 2010 means she finishes her life at 110 years, 202 days old.
Update on 13 June 2010... I have just found out that Gudrun Onshuus, the only remaining Norwegian supercentenarian since Mrs. Mestad's death, died on 9 June 2010 at age 110 years, 327 days.

Ellen Dart

Ellen Dart of Britain was born in Paignton, England, on 1 November 1854. She does not really qualify as a supercentenarian, since she was less than 110 years 0 days old at death, but she is notable here for being the youngest holder of the oldest living person title.
She reigned for 233 days between 17 February 1963 and 8 October 1963, being 108 years, 108 days old when she received the title.
Until 2007, the oldest living person from the time of Dart's reign was thought to be a series of various people (named in the 2005 Book of Guinness World Records).
In 2005, Matthias Kesselschlaeger of Germany reported, by Christine Howle, a retired and unmarried nurse named Ellen Dart, living in England and who had been '108' at death. Her birthdate, however, could not be traced. The case was not dug up until 14 May 2007, when Kesselschlaeger announced the report of the local Herald Express, that the Vicar of Paignton, Preb. J. W. G. Molland said a recent check of the parish registers at Credition said she was baptized at Credition on 25 December 1855. Her case was immediately brought up for consideration by the GWR.
Dart had been in reasonably good health in her last years until she collapsed on Monday night, 7 October 1963, and died the next day on 8 October. She had been very hard of hearing for quite some time and had failing eyesight. She was 108 years and 341 days old when she died.

A red rose

Don´t you think lovely this lonely red rose Manuel has sent?

I thought Manuel´s rose was so lonely so there it is another one I found on Friday.

First ones have arrived!!!

(click on the images to make them bigger)
They have been taken by Claudia Regife.
The first one reflects a very special moment for the costaleros, also the paso is not painted and this is a historical picture.
The second one sounds anachronistic with the Roman soldiers walking by a 20th century building.
I love the third one, did she make up to go on penitencia? Did she forget to remove the make-up from the day before?
The fourth one is so geometrical
What do you think? Make positive comments, please, we are not professionals!