St Valentine

I know, Iknow, most of you are reluctant about it, but it is a good occassion I can´t ignore again (last year I didn´t write about it), I would like you to write a "cyber-valentine card".

There is one legend that says that Saint Valentine, a patron Roman saint became a martyr for not giving up Christianity. He was laid to rest on the 14th of February in 269 A.D and since then, that day has become a day for lovers to celebrate. Some are of the opinion that along with refusing to forego Christianity, St. Valentine also denied to marry Christians in the church. It is also believed that on the day he died, he wrote out a note for his friend, the daughter of the jailor. The card read ‘From your Valentine’ and this led to the Valentines Day tradition of sending out cards signed off as from your Valentine to your loved ones. Others also say that he sent notes of affection to his followers, signing them "from your valentine". So the cards not only are adressed to your sweetheart, but also to your parents, best friend or even to your pet, and they are usually exchanged to classmates.

.....And this is what I want. I want you to write a cyber-valentine card, use the blogso as your platform and tell your valentine to come and visit to read, we can talk if you want to do it in an anonymous way ;)