Horror stories

This is a very easy exercise, you just have to write a horror story, something to tell at the night of Halloween, really, really creepy....

Your Bucket List!

In this post I want you to write a Bucket List of not less than 200 words. Do you know what a bucket list is? In case you don´t, play the following video and discover it...!

If you can´t read all what she is saying then click:http://www.englishtown.com/community/Channels/lesson2.aspx?lesson_id=679&lesson_no=350

Teenage craze!

I know, I know, this is not just a craze, because they are cheaper to communicate and they are not just "teenage" as I have seen many adults using them. But what about the following? Isn´t this a a trendy fashion (although now they are "out")? Who escaped from them?

The exercise for this week is writing 200 hundred words about any other trendy fashion(s) you followed.

The Amish lifestyle


Can you write (without pasting) more than 200 words about things that the Amish can and can´t do, where they live, how they live and why they live that way?

Happy new school year 2011-2012!!!

I know it almost sounds like Christmas but obviously it is not, anyway I sincerely wish you a happy and successful school year, I hope you can make the most of it and pass without any problem, this is one of the main targets of this blog as you know.

This is the first valid post for this year:

The Fun Pages Advice Column

In some newspapers and magazines each week, the Fun Pages Advice Column invites a panel of children to give advice to other children who write in with their problems.

Dear Fun Pages: I have frizzy hair and I don´t know what to do. Help! Hair troubles

Dear Hair trouble, Having frizzy hair isn´t so bad. In fact it´s kind of neat, even distinctive to have hair a little different from most. Are you a boy or a girl? You could try putting your hair bak in a pony tail. If you are a boy (or girl), try mousse or gel to get your hair to hold its natural style. You may want to keep your hair shor or experiment by combing it different ways.

Dear Fun Pages: Some kids in my class are always picking on me. What can I do to stop them? Picked on

Dear Picked on, try not to let them know it bothers you. They will pick on you more if they think it´s working. The kids who pick on you are insecure about their own popularity. Children who pick on others are uneasy and think they will feel better if they make someone else feel bad. We understand that it makes you mad. The best thing you can do to stop the teasing is to ignore it.

Now you are Fun Pages and you have to advice the following people (write at least 50 words for each of them):

1.Dear Fun Pages, I have to go to a party and I have nothing to wear and no money. Poor Undressed
2.Dear Fun Pages, my nails are very weak and they always break.
Hand Gloved
3.Dear Fun Pages, I stutter when I like a girl.


4.Dear Fun pages, I am very timid with boys.

5.Dear Fun Pages, I am short-sighted and use thick glasses.
Four Eyes