Kou Iijima

Mrs. Kou Iijima was born in Chiba, Japan, on 25 March 1896. She died on 22 March 2009 at age 112 years, 362 days, just three days away from her 113th birthday. She is the 31st oldest Japanese ever and among the 170 oldest people on record, tying with Maria Laqua at her age of 112 years 362 days.

Eugénie Blanchard

Eugénie Blanchard, shown above in a photo taken in 2010, is currently the world's oldest person since the death of Kama Chinen of Japan, on 2 May 2010.
A former nun, Blanchard was born in St. Barths of Merlet, France, on 16 February 1896. She is currently the oldest person ever from the island of Saint Barthélemy, which was legally a part of Guadeloupe, France, from 1878 to 2007, and is now part of an overseas collectivity of France.
Blanchard moved to Curaçao in the Netherlands Antilles in 1929 at age 33, and became a nun there. Blanchard went back to St. Barths in 1956, when she was 60. She later moved to a retirement home in 1980, where she has been living since then.
Blanchard has been reported to enjoy the occasional glass of champagne now and then, especially after becoming the world's oldest person.
During her earlier life, Blanchard was nicknamed "Douchy" by the local children in her neighbourhood, as she used to give out sweets to the children and "douchy" means sweets or candy in Curaçao.
Blanchard has been almost blind and very, very weak since the age of 107, though for the rest, she is in physically good health.
Blanchard became the oldest person in France on 25 May 2008 at age 112, upon the death of Clémentine Solignac, who was aged 113 years, 261 days. Blanchard currently ranks as the 63rd oldest person ever and the 6th oldest French person ever.
On 2 May 2010, Kama Chinen died, at the age of 114 years, 357 days, and in the intervening period immediately after her death, Blanchard essentially became the new oldest living person. This was confirmed on 3 May, when she was found alive in her retirement centre. She was 114 years, 75 days old at the time of her succession, which is considered an extremely young age to be the World's Oldest Person. The last time this happened was in January 2007, when Yone Minagawa of Japan took the title at a mere 114 years, 25 days. (She later died in August 2007 at age 114 years, 221 days.)

4 November 2010 - I have just been informed that Eugénie Blanchard died in the early hours of the morning of 4 November 2010, finishing her life at 114 years, 261 days. The title of World's Oldest Living passes to Eunice Sanborn of Texas, US, at 114 years, 107 days. Sanborn, born 20 July 1896, is the second person born in 1896 to hold the title of world's oldest person.

Kama Chinen

This post is made in memory of Kama Chinen, a Japanese woman who became the world's oldest person on 11 September 2009 after Gertrude Baines of America's death.
Mrs. Kama Chinen was born in Okinawa, Japan on 10 May 1895. It should be noted that she shared her birthday with Kohachi Shigetaka, another Japanese man. Also born on 10 May 1895, he died on 3 July 2005 at age 110 years, 54 days. Chinen's family guarded her privacy very, very closely, making it extremely difficult to obtain interviews or other information about her.
She became the oldest person in Japan on 5 April 2008 upon the death of Kaku Yamanaka, who had held the same title for just 43 days.
Despite having become the oldest living Japanese, Chinen was not validated by the GRG until 20 September 2008. By that time, she was already the sixth-oldest person in the world and had developed a somewhat notorious reputation as the "missing top-ten candidate" -- her existence was already confirmed, even though no one knew even her name until September 2008.
Chinen became the second-oldest person in the world on 19 January 2009, then aged 113 years and 254 days. The succession followed the death of Beatrice Farve, who, until that time, had been the second-oldest person in the world at the time of her death at age 113 years, 264 days.
Chinen in 2005, when she just turned 110.
Chinen became the oldest person in the world at age 114 years, 124 days when Gertrude Baines died of a suspected heart attack on 11 September 2009 at the age of 115 years, 158 days. She was then the 52nd oldest person to have ever lived.
When American Neva Morris died on 6 April 2010, Chinen became the last verified person ever to have been born in 1895. Before this, she had been confirmed alive only on 25 January 2010.
Chinen, apparently 114 years, 125 days old, on 12 September 2009.
On 2 May 2010, less than one month later, Chinen was rushed to hospital in Nanjo, Okinawa. Her condition rapidly deteriorated, and she died at 4.40pm local time in Japan. She was 114 years, 357 days old, and had fallen just 8 days short of her 115th birthday. Her death left 114-year, 75-day-old Eugenie Blanchard of France as the new oldest living person.
Chinen left behind a respectable legacy after her death.
She died as the second-oldest Japanese ever on record, behind only 116-year-old Tane Ikai. (116-year-old Kamato Hongo and 120-year-old Shigechiyo Izumi, who are both disputed, are not counted.)
Chinen also died as the 28th oldest person ever, a record that will definitely not be broken within this year, especially since Eugenie Blanchard was at 66th place and will surpass her age only on 9 February 2011.
Chinen's death also ended her reign of 2 years, 27 days as the oldest Japanese and passing the title to 113-year-old Chiyono Hasegawa, who was born on 20 November 1896.

Who does this back belong to?


Yes, we are some of those fans on the craze of Farmville, I have decided to play to make my students learn some vocabulary as it is only English the language used. We are neighbours and have some pretty nice farms. If you want to play with us, tell us and we will add you as a neighbour.

Don´t be afraid to get hooked on it, you will have time to study.

We have discovered an artist in la Preu!

Don´t you think they are gorgeous? I was completely shocked when María sent me the photos, the paintings are so beautiful... I asked her to give me or even to lend me one of them to hang on the wall of my class, but she refused, a pity but I understand her, she doesn´t want to get rid of any because she is still learning, but anyway, we can predict a future for her, can´t we?

1.Make a ranking of the pictures, for example,
"My number one............, number two..............,number three.................. (do all of them, it may help Maria)
2.Describe the last photograph.

Just another "feria": OTAKON in Jerez


OTAKON is a Japanese name which comes from the Japanese word "Otaku". Otakus are people who love manga, anime, computer games and disguising as their favourite characters. Otakons or Manga meetings, are usually held several times a year and in different places, the ones in Barcelona and Jerez are the best in Spain, there you can also find comic writers signing a picture, stalls with clothes, manga, books, kimonos, collection pieces, posters, Katanas and Asian food.
You can also practise several activities like karaoke, kendo, Japanese writing, sumo, basic rules for Japanese language, go, sogi, teruteru, drawing, mandarake, role games, make-up, and there are also contests on disguising among others: The first prize this year was a travel to Japan for two. All these activities take place in public halls, outdoor or indoor. You only must pay to get into in the best ones but never more than 3 euros.
(This information has been provided by Cristobal, 2ºF, ask him if you have any question, he will be glad to answer :)
1.Do you know of any other feria of this kind? Have you visited?
2.What would be your disguise if you went to it?
3.Which activity in Otakon would you practise?
4.What would you buy there?
5.What can you eat there?

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