Maud Farris-Luse

Maud Farris-Luse, an American supercentenarian, was born on 21 January 1887 in Michigan. She became the oldest living person on 5 June 2001 when Marie Bremont died one day later. By some strange occurence, Bremont died on 6 June 2001, but it was still 5 June in America.
At the time of Farris-Luse's succession, she was 114 years and 135 days old. At age 16, with her mother's permission, Farris-Luse married Jason Ferris (Farris), a farmer from Indiana. in 1951, she re-married, this time to Walter Luse. Farris-Luse had seven children and at the time of her death, only one was surviving. She holds the record of being the oldest person ever from Michigan.
Maud Farris-Luse died on 18 March 2002 of pnuemonia at the age of 115 years, 56 days.
The oldest living person title was then succeeded by the questionable Kamato Hongo, who had presumably been born in 1887.
Farris-Luse had held the title of oldest living person for 286 days.