Marcelle Narbonne

Enter Marcelle Narbonne, the third-oldest French person currently alive. Born in Algeria on 25 March 1898, Narbonne later moved to France. Shown above is Narbonne in front of her 112th birthday cake.
According to GRG validator Martin Miet, Narbonne, during her birthday party, ate a large piece of strawberry cake and indulged in some champagne. She apparently loves to eat, and drinks a glass of muscatel every day. She takes no medicine, was never sick, and eats by herself at every meal. She is not able to walk in full capacity, but can stand up by herself for short periods of time.
Narbonne is mostly reticent, but loves poetry and often recites poems from Jean de La Fontaine by heart.
During her birthday, she shook hands with everyone and kissed the employees who were in charge of her at her care home. As Miet says, "When a young female singer sang her a special dedicated song and everybody applauded, Mrs Narbonne had shining eyes. In medical staff's opinion, she communicates very well with her eyes."
Narbonne, who had no children, lived by herself until 1962, the year she moved to France, after Algeria's independence from France on 5 July 1962. A year later, she retired from her job as a typist and lived with her younger sister, who died in 1995. She moved to her nursing home in 1999, where she continues to receive visits from her nephews.
Her case is unusual in that she was verified over two years after her 110th birthday. Contrast this to Domenica Di Tomasso (Ciccheli) (b. 11 February 1900), who was verified less than a month after her 110th birthday. However, this does not beat what I believe is the record: more than 17 years! This goes to Lucy Hannah of America, who was verified over 10 years after her death in 1993 at age 117 years, 248 days.
Appearing on Louis Epstein's list since 2 April 2010, Narbonne has NOT been verified by the GRG at the time of this writing.
22 July 2010. Since 15 July, Narbonne has been accepted by the GRG.