Just another "feria": OTAKON in Jerez


OTAKON is a Japanese name which comes from the Japanese word "Otaku". Otakus are people who love manga, anime, computer games and disguising as their favourite characters. Otakons or Manga meetings, are usually held several times a year and in different places, the ones in Barcelona and Jerez are the best in Spain, there you can also find comic writers signing a picture, stalls with clothes, manga, books, kimonos, collection pieces, posters, Katanas and Asian food.
You can also practise several activities like karaoke, kendo, Japanese writing, sumo, basic rules for Japanese language, go, sogi, teruteru, drawing, mandarake, role games, make-up, and there are also contests on disguising among others: The first prize this year was a travel to Japan for two. All these activities take place in public halls, outdoor or indoor. You only must pay to get into in the best ones but never more than 3 euros.
(This information has been provided by Cristobal, 2ºF, ask him if you have any question, he will be glad to answer :)
1.Do you know of any other feria of this kind? Have you visited?
2.What would be your disguise if you went to it?
3.Which activity in Otakon would you practise?
4.What would you buy there?
5.What can you eat there?