Jennie Pranno

Mrs. Jennie Pranno is not a supercentenarian, but rather, a person who claims to be one and has already been debunked by the GRG.
She claimed a birthdate of 24 February 1900, which meant that she celebrated her claimed 110th birthday in February 2010.
Pranno was born in Italy and came to America in 1905, arriving on... 4 July, America's 129th birthday.
At 16, Pranno married Jack Napoleon and later gave birth to her first child while he was serving in the war. In total, she had four children.
Pranno was known to be a devoted mother who was an excellent cook and baker. Often, she would also make fresh bread every week.
During WWII, her husband passed on, but Pranno later remarried. In her later years, she would also help at the Oak Park Hospital in America.
After submitting her claim to the GRG, Pranno's case was thrown out after it was discovered she had been born in 1901, not 1900, and was therefore only 109.
She passed away on 12 May 2010 at the age of 109 years, 77 days.