Tuti Yusupova and Halim Solmaz

Assuming both of them are still alive, Tuti Yusupova (L), and Halim Solmaz will celebrate their claimed 130th and 126th birthdays today.
Both claim a birthdate of 1 July, Yusupova in 1880 and Solmaz in 1884 (though she has also claimed a 1874 birth).
Yusupova, born in Uzbekistan, is the second-oldest claimant to the title of oldest living person, behind Maria Olivia da Silva, also allegedly 130. Yusupova has hearing difficulties, but enjoys watching television. Her passport has been observed but she has not undergone a gerontological examination to check her age. In 2008, she was also awarded the Shukrat Medal for (apparently) being over 100 years of age.
Halim Solmaz, on the other hand, was born in Turkey. Her grandson states that she has difficulty speaking and moving around. Solmaz apparently moved to a village in Siirt during the 1917 Russian Revolution. Blind for the past 40 years, Solmaz claims to remember when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, visited the Kurtulan district. 
5 July 2010. Tuti Yusupova has been confirmed alive on 3 July 2010 with news of her claimed 130th birthday.