Annie Turnbull

Annie Turnbull née Walker, born in Scotland on 21 September 1898, is currently the UK's oldest person following the death of Eunice Bowman on 16 July 2010, aged 111. She was born just a month after her predecessor and is also the last remaining British to be born in 1898. She is also one of only four living 111-year-olds in the UK, and expects to celebrate her 112th birthday later next month.
She became the oldest person from Scotland following Alexina Calvert's death on 19 September 2008, just two days before her 110th birthday.
She moved to Edinburgh, where she currently resides today, after leaving school at 14. Working as a table-maid for most of her life, Turnbull moved into Victoria Manor Care Home prior to her 110th birthday, in 2008. Her secret to long life is said to be hard work and a daily glass of sherry.
She is stated to have two daughters, four grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.
9 September 2010: Annie Turnbull has died. Her death on 2 September 2010 means she finishes her life at 111 years, 346 days old. She was the UK's oldest person for 48 days. The title now goes to Elsie Steele (b. 6 January 1899).
12 September  2010: Annie Turnbull's death date has been corrected as being 3 September 2010, meaning she died at age 111 years, 347 days.