Antisa Khvichava

Antisa Khvichava, of Georgia, is one of the many claimants to the title of oldest living person. Overall, she ranks as the second-oldest living claimant to that title, behind Tuti Yusupova of Uzbekistan, whose age claim figures to just one week more than hers.
Claimed to have been born on 1 July 1880, L. Stephen Coles of the Supercentenarian Research Foundation notes that should her age be true, she would have given birth to a son at age 60. Such scenarios are common with such claimants, and is not helpful in supporting such cases.
Her passport is given as a sole(?) means of evidence, and passports are not acceptable as primary sources of evidence in supporting someone's age.
She lives in the Caucasus Mountains with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
For her well-publicised claimed 130th birthday in 2010, she had a large cake and a band who played songs for her as she rested.
The GRG has been unable to, and is not likely to, ever verify her age.
It should be noted that in Georgia, the responsibility of registering birth and death records goes to local authorities, rather than a central government registry, which makes it very easy for people to misrecord or falsify their ages, usually to secure pension benefits earlier than usual.