Back from holidays!!!

Dear students, I sincerely hope you all had a good summer, even those of you who had to study also should have had some free and enjoyable time. Now you should be ready for exams or for the new school year, there will be some interesting changes for the students in 1Âș Bachillerato as they will have to face a selectividad oral English exam too. We will speak Englsih in class and visit the language lab once a fortnight. Anyway I´ll explain everything as soon as I come back to school on the 27th September. While I´m abroad remember to review your English from last summer, try to watch American or British films in original version and read some articles on the internet.

Now, I would like you to post some beautiful and culturally interesting shots from your summer holidays with a brief description of the place. This photograph was taken in SanlĂșcar, and they are my daughters, come on, I want to see yours!!!!!