Komiya Miyazaki

Komiya Miyazaki of Japan was born on 20 August 1897 and recently celebrated her 113th birthday. She is currently the 11th oldest authenticated person currently alive, as well as the 4th oldest living Japanese, the 31st oldest Japanese ever, and the 170th oldest overall.
She currently resides in Hiroshima, Japan, and is its oldest living resident. This would make her slightly unusual in terms of being a supercentenarian if she had already resided in Hiroshima prior to 6 August 1945, when the first atomic bomb dropped onto Hiroshima during World War II, as the bomb had long-term effects and generally shortened the lives of those affected directly by the bomb due to the health effects it had in the long run. A similar scenario could be seen with Mitoyo Kawate, also of Hiroshima, who was reported to have been searching for family members after the bomb dropped. She lived to age 114 years, 182 days and was, in fact, the world's oldest person for the last 13 days of her life.