El verano en Irlanda de Cristobal

CRISTOBAL´S SUMER TIME  This sumer I was in Ireland,
I was living in a village call Miltow Malbay in Spanish Point
( West coast of Ireland ), It has this name because in 1588
Spanish Armada drowned in this coast. There all are green,
the weather was like I like ( clowdy and rainy ). I was
walking an visitting places all days. I saw many abadies,
graveyeards,turf and cliff. It´s a very clean country, I hope
that you can go there in a no very far future.

Ooopps! Sorry! I´m afraid there are some mistakes in the previous text by Cristobal,
I don´t know how that happened. Could you help by rewriting the text and
correcting the mistakes?