Violet Wood

Assuming she is still alive today, Violet Wood, born in England, UK, on 2 September 1899, will celebrate her 111th birthday today.
Wood grew up in Dargate with two sisters on a farm, and married her husband, Henry, in circa 1919, when she was 20. Her husband died at age 92 after 62 years of marriage.
Currently ranking as the oldest out of all of her siblings, Wood outlived her sister, Bertha, who died at the age of 106, and Marjorie, who was in her 90s when she died.
Wood commented that there was lots of fresh air in Graveney School, where she studied as a child and where her father studied as well, and that it probably benefited her.
She drove until she was 80, quipping that she would probably have gone on longer had her car not broken down on her. Her favourite meal was reported to be pickles, toast, cucumber, and chips.
She has commented that "after the (110th birthday) party, things will settle down, or I will fly off to heaven to be with the girls and Harry."
Wood, the oldest living person in Kent, was validated by Melissa Page, a GRG correspondent based in the United Kingdom. She currently ranks as the 52nd oldest living person, fifth-oldest living British, and the 55th oldest British on record.
Update (9 March 2012): Ms. Wood passed away on 29 February 2012, aged 112 years, 180 days.