Eunice Sanborn, 114, Named World's Oldest Person

Eunice Sanborn, born 20 July 1896, has been named the world's oldest living person at age 114 years, 107 days as of 4 November 2010, upon the death of her predecessor Eugénie Blanchard, born 16 February 1896, and whose death finishes her life at 114 years, 261 days. There is an issue with her age, in which Sanborn claimed to have been born in 1895, which would make her 115; the Gerontology Research Group has, however, debunked her birth year as being 1896 based on census data and other records. Sanborn is, as of 6 November 2010, the 58th oldest person overall.
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Biography written on 21 July 2010:
Eunice Sanborn celebrated her 114th birthday yesterday, as the world's second-oldest person, with news coverage. Born in Louisiana on 20 July 1896, Sanborn became the second-oldest living person on 8 May 2010, following the death of 114-year, 38-day-old Florrie Baldwin. She also became the oldest living American on 6 April 2010, following the death of Neva Morris.
Sanborn, who currently lives at home with round-the-clock care in Jacksonville, Texas, became the 100th oldest person ever on 7 April 2010, currently sits at 77th place, and can expect to rise to 76th place in three days' time, when she passes Italian Virginia Dighero-Zolezzi, who died in 2005 aged 114 years, 4 days.
Sanborn, whose parents were Augustus and Varina Lyons, married in 1913, at the age of 17. Her husband at that time was killed in an accident. She remarried, and in 1937 moved to Texas and became the part-founder of Love's Lookout (now closed), also becoming the first to build a concrete-bottomed pond in Cherokee County at the time, along with her husband.