Germaine Degueldre

Germaine Degueldre, seen above with Belgian GRG correspondents Bart Versieck and Peter Vermaelen at her 110th birthday party, in 2010, is a supercentenarian who is currently the third-oldest person in Belgium, behind Adrienne Ledent of Luxembourg, Belgium, born 13 December 1899, and Aimée Rensonnet of Hainaut, born 18 January 1900. Degueldre was born on 26 September 1900 and is currently one of four living Belgian supercentenarians – the highest on record to date, tying with the previous record of four at another point. The last Belgian supercentenarian not mentioned is Mr. Jan Goossenaerts, born 30 October 1900. She is the 13th oldest Belgian on record.
She was also featured on regional television for her 110th birthday.
Degueldre is the only non-American involved in Stephen Coles' DNA sequencing of long-lived people; her blood was extracted in October 2010 and is under analysis. Among others involved in the sequencing was the son of supercentenarian Marion Higgins, who died in 2006.
On 27 July 2010, it was reported by Belgian GRG correspondent Anthony Croes-Lacroix that he had secured all the documents for Degueldre's validation. She was 109 years and 304 days old at the time. She was added to Louis Epstein's "Oldest Human Beings" list when he updated it on 1 October 2010. She was 110 years, 5 days old at the time.
A short while later, on 7 October 2010, Epstein's list was published, and she was added to Wikipedia's list of living supercentenarians, along with Maria Radicati di Primeglio, born 28 July 1900. She waas 110 years and 11 days old at the time.
A week later, when Degueldre was 110 years, 19 days old, Stephen Coles finally added her to the GRG's Table E of Validated Living Supercentenarians.
As of 26 November 2010, Degueldre is the 85th oldest validated living person, out of a total of 87 validated living supercentenarians.
21 December 2010 - Germaine Degueldre is now Belgium's second-oldest person following the death of  Aimée Rensonnet on 15 December 2010.

Update (27 May 2012): It is now known that Germaine Degueldre passed away on 11 May 2012, aged 111 years, 228 days. She was the second oldest Belgian on record, and her death leaves Fanny Godin (born 27 May 1902) as Belgium's oldest resident.