Belgium's Oldest Person Turns 111

Adrienne Ledent-Gavroy was originally verified by Louis Epstein and the GRG followed up soon after. She was born in Belgium on 13 December 1899. She is currently the oldest living Belgian since the death of Gabriëlle Demets on 1 May 2010. At age 111 years 1 day, he is the fourth-oldest Belgian on record, behind Bernardina Van Dommelen (15 March 1899 - 16 April 2010), who died aged 111 years 32 days.
Her 111th birthday was supposedly confirmed by a visitor to this blog, who stated on 14 December that she had been visited and was still alive.
Born in the town of Habay, Ledent moved into a nursing home at age 95, even though she was still then in good health.
She married in 1922 to Camille Alphonse Halbardier, with whom she had one child. Halbardier died on 24 November 1926 owing to an accident.
She remarried in 1931 to Georges Gavroy, despite never having children with him.
At the time she turned 110, Ledent was the youngest out of the four living Belgian supercentenarians during that time, and in the worst health of the four. Yet, her condition has remained very stable all the way up to her 111th birthday.
Ledent surpassed Maria Pierson-Ledent (20 June 1899 - 6 January 2010) to become the oldest ever person from Wallonia region (Wallonia covers 55% of the territory of Belgium) on 2 July 2010, then aged 110 years, 201 days. Ledent, like Pierson-Ledent, was born in Luxembourg province; however, Pierson-Ledent later moved to Namur province, while Ledent still resides in Luxembourg to this day.
Adrienne Ledent, 111, centre, with GRG correspondents Peter Vermaelen (left) and Anthony Croes-Lacroix (right).
16 December 2010 - Adrienne Ledent was visited by Belgian GRG correspondents Peter Vermaelen and Anthony Croes-Lacroix for her 111th birthday in December 2010. She is reported to "not be doing well", with eyes constantly closed, and unable to communicate. Despite this, Ledent still enjoyed her party and drank champagne.