Herbs! and pictures

So after like a month, my basil AND my cilantro both sprouted. Well, i have like 20 basil plants now and 3 cilantro, but its still a big deal for me. I miss cilantro.

The flip side to this is that I'd already planted stuff over both of them. This is why I'm doing "bio-intensive" gardening.

i cant think of anything to write at the moment, so have some pictures

the dog that ate my sandal? he disappeared. its very sad. I liked him a lot. Richard, his part-owner and my friend/zed driver, was really upset about it.

I biked over to Atalote in about 3.5 hours. This includes waiting for a ferry man at the river. Just getting to the river was a pain; the paths leading to and from it are apparently intermittent streams. I was biking upstream in the mud.

check out Alisha's blog at alishawilliams.com

The other week, a pig got sick, so my host dad got some guys to butcher it. Sick animals dont last long--the idea is to butcher them before they lose anymore weight. Anyway, so several days after that, my host dad was sitting with a friend one evening eating pig. I walked by and he offered me a piece. "its one of my favorite parts" he told me. It wasn't the liver. Wrong shape, and, after I nibble it a bit, wrong texture. I eventually realized I was eating the lung. Yummy.

N'Tido, my oldest host sister, and David

A inter-cartier football game at Nampoch

My host mom planting corn with David.

Alisha during an NRM field trip

East Kara countryside

N'Tilibi, my first host brother and main 'helper'

Smoke coming out of the roof of a cooking room on a rainy morning

Adja, my second host brother.

My garden. The fence is corn/millet stalks. The bed in the background is corn/green beans. The beds in the middle, starting on the left are nursery, tomato/onion/other stuff, and watermelon/squash etc. front beds are sweet potatoes/tomatoes, and tomatoes/other stuff. i planted a lot of tomatoes. Mostly on purpose.