Italy's Oldest Dies at 113

Stella Nardari-Vecchiato, a supercentenarian born in Roncade, Veneto, Italy, on 23 December 1898, has passed away as that country's oldest living resident and the world's second-oldest Italian. Nardari died at a nursing home in Quarto d'Altino, Treviso, Veneto just after 11pm on 23 February 2012, aged 113 years, 62 days.
Nardari, who, when asked for her secret to longevity, would answer with "God has forgotten me", became Italy's oldest person on 2 August 2011 upon the death of Venere Ires Pizzinato-Papo, also from Veneto, born on 23 November 1896.
Nardari, aged 112 years 222 days at the time of Pizzinato's death, was then the ninth-oldest Italian on record and the 17th-oldest living person. Her predecessor had died as the oldest Italian on record at the age of 114 years, 252 days.
The record for the oldest Italian-born on record currently belongs to Dina Guerri-Manfredini, born 4 April 1897, a resident of Iowa, United States, and the world's second-oldest person at 114 years 325 days at the time of Nardari's death.
At the time of her death, Nardari was the fifth-oldest person to have passed away in Italy. She was also the seventh-oldest Italian-born person on record, if one counts the emigrant cases of Manfredini and Amalia Ruggieri-Barone (6 October 1884 - 26 June 1998 in Connecticut, United States, aged 113 years, 263 days).
Nardari was the tenth-oldest living person in the world at the time of her death, though this rank stands to be revised posthumously due to the case of an anonymous and unvalidated Japanese woman from Kanagawa prefecture, who was born in December 1897. Her death brings Tome Takaoka and Hina Shikawatari of Japan, both born on 1 January 1899, into the top ten oldest living people in the world as the first people born in 1899 to do so.
Her death also leaves Maria Redaelli-Granoli of Lombardy region as the oldest living person in Italy at 112 years 326 days as of 23 February 2012. Redaelli, born on 3 April 1899, is also the first 1899-born to hold the title of Italy's oldest living resident.
Her death also leaves Cirilla Zenari as Veneto's oldest living resident. Zenari, born on 28 February 1902, was aged 109 years 360 days at the time of Nardari's death.
Click for a report on Nardari's death in Italian. Note however that it offers the wrong dates of birth and death for Nardari, stating her to have been born on 22 December 1898 and to have died on 24 February 2012, making her appear to be two days older than she actually was.