Ursula Burkhardt

Ursula Lina Burkhardt was a German supercentenarian who was stated to have been born on 24 September 1900, though as of 2012 she remains unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group. In the above photograph, she is seen seated, with her 85-year-old daughter, Elfriede Schmidt, and Erich Josef Geßner, the district governor of Neu-Ulm, Bavaria, Germany, where Burkhardt lived during her final years.
Born in Württemberg, Germany, when Wilhelm II, the last ruling monarch of Germany, was still in power, Burkhardt was reported to have joked on her 110th birthday: "I am only 100 years old!"
Erich Geßner personally visited Burkhardt on her 109th birthday, gifting her with orchids. It was reported in translation that Burkhardt apparently remembered this as the same gift Geßner had given her on her 105th birthday several years prior.
Burkhardt, who named hard work as one of the reasons for her longevity, was the oldest person living in Neu-Ulm from at least September 2009 until her death.
In September 2010, Geßner visited once more with orchids for Burkhardt's 110th birthday, having promised her the year prior that "I will visit again next year."
Burkhardt, who was reported to be grateful to her daughter for the care she had given her, was also stated to be humourous by nature.
She died on 13 November 2010, aged 110 years, 50 days, her death being reported in the local newspaper where she lived. At the time of her death, she was believed to be Germany's second-oldest living person. If validated, she would have been the 39th-oldest German on record, based on currently public records, and the world's 83rd-oldest living person at the time of her death.