Dina Manfredini, World's Second-Oldest, Turns 115

Dina Guerri-Manfredini, a resident of Johnston, Iowa, and the world's second-oldest living person, turned 115 years of age on 4 April 2012.
Born Dina Guerri in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, to Italian-descent parents on 4 April 1897, Manfredini emigrated to the United States at 23 years of age with her husband, Riccardo Manfredini, also known there as Paul Manfredini.
Manfredini, who had at least one son, Dante Manfredini, became the world's second-oldest living person at 114 years 242 days on 2 December 2011, following the death of Chiyono Hasegawa of Saga, Japan, at the age of 115 years, 12 days. From 13 December 2011, she is also the oldest person ever born in Italy, having surpassed Venere Pizzinato-Papo of Veneto, Italy, who died on 2 August 2011, aged 114 years, 252 days. Consequently, she is the first Italian-born in history to reach age 115.
Manfredini, seen sitting behind her 115th-birthday cake
Manfredini is currently the only living female born in the year 1897, following the death of Oregonian Delma Kollar on 24 January 2012, aged 114 years, 85 days. She is one of two surviving people born in that year, with the other being Japanese male Jiroemon Kimura, who is 15 days younger than Manfredini and the world's oldest living man from the death of Walter Breuning on 14 April 2011.
Manfredini has been the oldest living person born in 1897 following the 29 March 2011 death of Shige Hirooka of Osaka, Japan. From 16 June 2011, she is also the oldest person ever born in 1897, then having surpassed Hirooka's final age of 114 years 72 days.
Manfredini, who lived on her own in a house until she was 110, is also the oldest ever person to live in Iowa state from 7 December 2011, though the title of oldest native Iowan remains with her predecessor, Neva Morris, who died on 6 April 2010, aged 114 years, 246 days.
Manfredini is the 26th person in history to reach 115, and the third person to do so in the past seven months. She is, however, the fourth person in the past seven months to be recognised by the Gerontology Research Group as having reached an age of at least 115; Mary Ann Rhodes, who was not validated by the group until 9 March 2012, was born in Ontario, Canada, on 12 August 1882, and died there on 3 March 1998, aged 115 years, 203 days. Click on these two links for confirmation of Manfredini's 115th birthday.