Cyclist knocked off bike by bare bottom protruding from passing car window

A Swedish woman heading home in the early hours of Sunday morning following a night out with friends had her journey rudely interrupted when she was knocked off her bicycle by a rear end sticking out from a passing car. "I had no time to realize what was happening, I flew," 22-year-old Pernilla Nordqvist said following the incident.

Nordqvist was just a few blocks from home as she pedalled through the otherwise quiet streets of SkellefteƄ in northern Sweden. "I was cycling down a bicycle path near the street when I saw the car coming toward me," she said. At first Nordqvist thought the car would turn to avoid hitting her, but the next thing she knew, the passenger's protruding posterior sent her hurtling to the ground.

Photo from here.

A passer-by who witnessed the malicious mooning promptly called police, who were also at a loss for how to describe the unusual accident. "I'm not sure how I should put this since I've never seen anything like it," Joakim Oja of the SkellefteƄ police said. "The butt of a passenger was hanging out the window of the car and that's what hit the cyclist."

Following the violent rear end collision Norqvist was forced to see a doctor. "I had pain in my neck and legs and the doctor prescribed pain pills," she said, adding that the lingering pain prompted her to take a day off work. Oja said police had identified the owner of the offending rump and the other passengers in the car. While no criminal charges have been formally filed, police are treating the incident as a case of reckless driving.