Good Samaritans save deer stranded in sea off Hawaii

Good Samaritans at the Four Seasons Resort Maui worked together last month to save an Axis deer from drowning which was swimming about 200 yards off Wailea Beach. Workers at the Four Seasons Resort rushed into action and worked to get the deer safely to shore.

At first they didn't want to touch the deer, just guide it back to shore, but soon they noticed the deer was having a hard time staying above water. That is when a beach lifeguard swam out, eventually putting a rescue tube under the deer.

But after that they still had to swim more than 100 yards to shore. Locals, tourists, canoe paddlers, and stand up surfers all escorted the animal to shore.

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"They took the deer back into the woods and when they let the deer go it was exhausted, but it sprinted out for about maybe 20 to 30 yards and after amount of time it just turned around and looked back at the guys and did a three to second stare at them almost like a thank you and then kind of walked back off into the woods," Michael Boyer of the Four Seasons Resort Maui said.