“Having private jet in the midst of poverty is a show of wealth” – Bishop Odubogun blasts Oritsejafo

 Nigerians, especially religious leaders have not stop condemning the President, Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, for acquiring a private jet.  Joining the league of those blaming the popular preacher for his latest acquisition of a private jet, the Bishop of the Diocese of Ife, Anglican Communion, Rt. Rev. Oluwole Odubogun, has said that having a private jet in the midst of poverty and want is a ‘show of wealth.’

The cleric said this at a programme of the diocese tagged “Carnival for Christ 2012″ on Saturday. He affirmed that the action of the CAN president was against the doctrine of the gospel.

He said, “Having a private jet in the midst of want, in the midst of poverty and in the midst of all kinds of deprivation is a show of wealth, which is not precisely in consonance withthe gospel.

“According to the gospel, those who have should share with those who do not have. When you are riding in a jet, you don’t know what is happening to the other people on the street. You are on your own.

“Whether the public transportation system is adequately taken care of you don’t know, because you have cut yourself off from the people whom you are supposed to guide and emancipate.”

The bishop added, “Let us say you need the jet to get to places on time. But the gospel is not meant for one person. It is not meant for one leader. There is no reason why you are the only one to go everywhere. And if you don’t have to go everywhere, you don’t need a jet.

“You will need a jet when you are running your private business. You will need a jet if you are the only one to oversee what is happening. As far as the gospel is concerned, God is in control. And God, who is in control, is giving us a message to disciple all nations.

“If you are preaching salvation which the gospel is all about, I don’t think you need a jet.

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