Koala has lucky escape from massive bushfire

While a bushfire continues to burn on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, a koala has had a lucky escape after being found in burnt out scrubland.

The blaze has burnt through scrub on South Australia’s west coast since yesterday, destroying a home, 12 cabins at a local holiday park, and four cars. But fortunately for this koala, roof plumber Clint Woods stumbled across the furry creature curled up under a burnt tree.

“(I was) just driving back from having look at the fires,” he said. “So far I just tried to give him a drink of water, he had a bit of a drink of water, but he is not looking too well really.”

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Mr Woods waited with the animal for several hours while trying to contact koala rescue services, but couldn't get through via phone because of the surge in call-outs to attend to animals injured in the bushfire. The blaze is still burning within containment lines, but the Country Fire Service (CFS) says the threat to people and property has reduced.