Litter of dead baby rats found in package of fruit purée

When a Swedish mother opened a package of baby food a few days ago she found herself face to face with a litter of dead baby rats. "It is so disgusting, I don't know how it could have happened," said Linn Kvick.

The offending article was a four pack of fruit purée produced by Nestlé and purchased at a store in Degefors in western Sweden. The heads of three of the rat pups could be seen quite clearly, and gave Kvick quite a fright. "She came over to me screaming, at first I didn't have a clue what the matter was," Kvick's partner Henrik Andersen said.

The small rodents were dried out and are presumed to have been in the packaging for an extended period of time. Nestlé has since announced the that it plans to investigate to get to the bottom of the matter. The family were however critical of the firm's response when they called to report the matter.

"I was disappointed by the reception, they didn't seem it was such a big deal," Linn Kvick said. The experience has furthermore made the family wary of buying the firm's products. "Every time I eat, I think about this," Henrik Andersen said.