Man Commits Suicide Because Obama Was Re-elected

A former tanning salon owner was found dead two days after the election after telling his partner that he was 'not going to be around' if President Obama won a second term.
Henry Hamilton was discovered next to two empty prescription pill bottles with the message 'F*** Obama!' written over his will.

His partner said that the 64-year-old man was 'very upset about the election results.'
Police are not searching for any suspects in the case, as police spokeswoman Alyson Crean said 'there's absolutely no evidence of foul play'.
The Miami Herald reports that Hamilton's friend had been so worried about his well-being that the unidentified friend requested that the police check on Hamilton at the condo that he shared with partner Michael Cossey.

The last time Mr Cossey saw Hamilton was on the night of the election when they were watching the returns.
Adding to his list of concerns, along with his sense of impending doom that allegedly came with the re-election of President Obama, was that the Tropical Tan salon that he co-owned with Mr Cossey recently closed.

Mr Cossey later told police that Hamilton 'has been very stressed about his business'.
On the day following the election, Mr Cossey and Hamilton didn't interact at all and Mr Cossey went out with friends that ended with a late card game.

He returned to the apartment that the couple shared on South Roosevelt Boulevard and fell asleep on the couch rather than the bed at around 6am.
Mr Cossey only realized the Hamilton was dead when a police officer arrived on Wednesday morning as part of the welfare check arranged by Hamilton's friend.

The Miami Herald reports that officer Anna Dykes said that an empty bottle of anxiety medication Xanax and schizophrenia treatment Seroquel were found on the scene.
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