Man saw UFO while urinating on his compost heap

Roy Mars was peeing in his compost last weekend – it saves water and adds nitrogen – when he looked up and saw something streak across the sky. “It looked like a shooting star,” the custom furniture maker said. But he’s seen those before, he said, and it wasn’t one. “It was a streak of light that started going over my head,” he said.

 As he turned his head and arched his back, it seemed to slow down and went from a streak to a perfect three-pointed triangle. Then it disappeared over the tree line. The whole thing left Mars a little “wigged out.” Now he wants to know what he saw. Carrboro and Chapel Hill police in Orange County North Carolina received no calls about a sighting, and two military bases said they didn’t have or don’t think they had any local flyovers on Nov. 3, the night Mars saw ... whatever he saw.

The Morehead Planetarium and Science Center didn’t get any calls about a sighting, either. “A lot of people do spend a lot of time looking at the sky, and when they do happen to notice something they don’t know what they’re looking at,” said Amy Sayle, current science programme manager at the planetarium. 

But she didn’t know what it might be either. A satellite would have been a steady white light, Sayle said; a meteor, a brief flash. Several days after the incident, Mars remains unsettled. “I’ve got a little kid,” he said. “You hope it’s technology, but (it was) certainly more sophisticated than anything I’ve seen.”