Siberian company begins selling end-of-the-world survival kits

It might not keep you alive for long, but a Siberian firm is offering survival kits to anyone who fears the end of the world is nigh. The apocalypse kit boasts medication, including heart medicine, soap, some candles and matches, a can of fish, a pack of buckwheat, a bottle of vodka, a notepad and pencil – and a rope (possibly intended for the less optimistic).

It also includes a blank ID card, to be filled in by hand should your existing IDs and cards be “demagnetized” during the apocalypse. The kit, which costs  890 rubles – roughly £18 or $28, also includes an instruction card with rules to various games to pass away any apocalypse-induced boredom.

Local authorities are apparently trying to ban sales over the kit’s inclusion of vodka and medication – as both require licences to be sold. The apocalyptic craze is set to intensify in the coming weeks as the ancient Mayan calendar comes to an end on the 21st of December, the day many believe will signal the end of the world.

People across Russia have repotedly been stealing essentials and trying to weasel out of debts, citing the upcoming demise of the world as we know it. Although hypotheses about the exact means of delivering the apocalypse have been voiced, most have been dismissed by mainstream scientists.