Tiny kitten abandoned in Hello Kitty bag

This little six-week-old kitten was found dumped on a bridge in Coulsdon south London inside a Hello Kitty bag. The young tabby was trying to get out of the bag when he was spotted by two young women walking past. Barbara Allen, of Croydon Animal Samaritans (CAS), said one of the women called her shortly before 4pm on Saturday.

She said: "A young girl said they were walking and found the kitten on top of a road bridge in Coulsdon. The bag has a Velcro top and the kitten was trying to get out. It looks like a new children's Hello Kitty bag. It was rather strange. He seems fine and he is a lovely cat."

The kitten, who is in generally good health, will be ready to be rehoused in a few weeks' time when he is stronger. Barbara said: "He is too young at the moment and he is going to need at least two weeks of TLC. He is with a foster mother at the moment and she plays with him all the time. He is lively and friendly and sweet. He was a bit nervous to start with but that is only to be expected."

The kitten was not wearing any identification and his name is not known. Barbara said: "Somebody did actually call him Bagpuss, but I don't really like that. We regularly find cats left in bags on doorsteps, but this one seemed particularly cruel. It was somewhere where he could have come to great harm had he not been found."