Well refreshed Japanese businessman struggled with escalator

A drunk Japanese businessman was filmed trying to walk down the escalator the wrong way on the London Underground. The man, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, appeared unsteady on his feet as he tried to make his way down the escalator at Tottenham Court Road tube station. Bemused commuters tried to help the man off, but he ignored them and continues to try and walk the wrong way.

After struggling for two minutes as people push past, he is guided off by a helpful commuter who pushes the emergency stop button and points him in the right direction. The incident was caught on camera last Friday by Sam Napper, 27, who described the man as a "drunk Japanese businessman".

YouTube link. Also here.

Sam, from London, said: "I was making my way home after dinner when we quite literally bumped into this chap on the escalators between the Northern and Central Lines at Tottenham Court Road station At first I thought he was playing silly buggers with a few of his FX Trader mates but when we saw his dogged stagger and realised he was alone, I knew we were about to witness something truly brilliant.

"I had no idea where he came from but I had to hand it to him, the man knew where he was going. One by one, concerned commuters tried to steer him in the right direction, to no avail. Our bespectacled hero just kept walking. Eventually, we let the poor sod out of his hamster wheel-like hell and pushed the emergency stop button. After pausing for a few seconds, he turned around and walked out, as if nothing ever happened, saying nothing, leaving us stunned."