Why Nigeria can’t break –Tinubu

Former Lagos State governor and national leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has called on all Nigerians to “utilize our diversity as a strength and rally to make a better country.” Tinubu made this call while receiving an honorary degree of Human Letters, Honoris Causa given to his mother, Alhaja Habibat Mogaji, the Iyaloja General by the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria during its 50th convocation yesterday. According to Tinubu, “We are one .

From north to south, we are one. In pursuit of a better future for our children, we are one. In our love for humanity, we are one. In our hatred of injustice, we are one. In our belief that Nigeria can guide its people out of poverty and into prosperity, we are one. As Nigerians, we are brothers and sisters. While others may try to pull us apart, let us lock our lives together in an effective union.

If we dedicate ourselves to this task, we shall survive the current storms to enter a new and brighter day”. While thanking the northern university for reaching across to the South West to honor his mother, he noted that the lesson is that in spite of our differences, we have a lot in common upon which we can leverage for a better future for youths and our country. “What stirs me today is that this northern university reached across hundreds of kilometers, across the so-called regional divide to honor a woman from Lagos.

By this, you demonstrated your firm belief that we are one. You shall not draw back your hand empty. As you have extended a hand to this woman of the southwest, she and all that she represents extend a hand to you in a familial embrace that cannot be broken by transient setback or idle chatter”, Tinubu said. Tinubu’s message was unmistakable as he said “…it is time for a new kind of consciousness across the broad political spectrum especially between the north and the south because their political future is inextricably tied together.

I am here to affirm that we are one. You have talents, skills and assets that will enrich my life. I have talents, skills and resources that will enrich yours. We must value each other. We have more in common than we have things that separate us”. Tinubu who expressed so much gratitude to his mother for his upbringing and political tutelage said this of his mother, Alhaja Abibatu Mogaji, “I have to tell you that being the president general of the market women is a rewarding but tough position. It was probably the second toughest job she had.

So today, I stand here on behalf of my mother to say thank you for this esteemed honor. If not for her 96 years and the wear the years have put on her physical being, she would be standing here today to say these things for herself”. Speaking further, Tinubu said although his mother was not as physically strong as before, her mind and spirit are as agile and focused as ever. “My mother has been a patriot, a true believer in this joint enterprise we call Nigeria.

Her belief in the purpose and destiny of this nation has never been doused by the difficulties we have suffered on the road of nation building. This remarkable woman has always seen past the events of the day into the horizon of a better and greater future”, he said. He thanked his mother for propelling him into public life and declared that he owed her a debt that cannot be repaid.

“She instilled this same sense of patriotism and of Nigeria’s greatness in me”.