World's longest cream cake baked in Switzerland

A Geneva baker and pastry maker has led 200 volunteers and professionals in creating the world's longest 'millefeuille' cake.

The cake was 1,221 metres long, which beat the current world record held since 1992 by Belgians. The initial preparations for the world record attempt began almost a year ago.

The baker who led the team, Gilles Desplanches, has spent some 1000 working hours the last few weeks producing parts of the cake that consisted of 3600 metres of biscuit divided into three layers with a layer of milk chocolate cream and dark chocolate cream in between and topped with red icing.

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'To try and quantify the 'Millefeuille', I think we've spent some 1,000 working hours producing (the parts for the cake). And to give you an idea, we're going to produce 1,200 bags of cream, and in this 'millefeuille', that will make 1,200 metres, there are three layers of biscuit, so we've had to make 3,600 kilometers of biscuit', Gilles Desplanches said. The money raised at the sale of the 'Millefeuille' was to be donated to the Swiss breast cancer association ASAP/RCS.