31-Year-Old Man Strikes Wife With A Brick After Singing Happy Birthday Song

A teacher allegedly struck his wife with a brick on the forehead after she sang him a birthday song while still in bed. The wife intended to surprise him by singing a birthday song, but she was struck with a brick for making noise. Takura Nyikadzino (31) struck Janet Matizanadzo (29) on the forehead after she sang him a birthday song while he was asleep.  Janet reportedly went to the bedroom where Nyikadzino was sleeping with the intention of wishing him "happy birthday" on turning 31.

Her singing infuriated him who then struck her with the brick. He pleaded not guilty to contravening the Domestic Violence Act when he appeared before the magistrate court.

The court remanded Nyikadzino to December 11 on US$50 bail. As part of his bail conditions, Nyikadzino was ordered to reside at the given address and not to interfere with State witnesses.

It is alleged Nyikadzino ordered his wife to stop singing because she was disturbing his sleep, but his wife continued with the song thinking her husband was joking. Nyikadzino allegedly picked a brick that was in their bedroom and struck her on the forehead. Nyikadzino followed his wife while she was holding her head and started assaulting her.

The court heard that he's wife saved herself from further assault and snatched the brick before throwing it out through the window. It is alleged that the brick smashed the windscreen of her husband car.

The court heard that Nyikadzino went out to check on his car before Matizanadzo escaped and sought refuge at their neighbour's residence. A medical report was presented in court as exhibit.