Adoyi Ali: Letter to the Best President in Africa, Goodluck Jonathan

"Dear Goodluck,
This letter must not go through all the orthodox protocols of signing and ‘counter’ signing for acknowledgment. It must not be signed by Doyin and Abati. I don’t need all that formality. I don’t want all that bureaucratic presidential arrangements. All I desire, is to see this letter before His Excellency. I don’t want Her Excellency around you when you hurriedly run through the pages of my letter. Yes, I know you can only flip through the pages because of some urgent National problems calling for your attention. I warn against having Her Excellency around because she may misquote me, even though I have decided to choose my grammar carefully in order not to confuse anyone around you.

I understand the situation in Aso villa. I also know that there is confusion, and I don’t want to cause more confusion than it is now.

My letter is only an appeal. But first, some grammar errors will be noted. Sure! This is because, I put my thoughts together only this night. I have to start writing immediately, so I don’t forget those ideas that I have gathered at the spur of the moment. Unfortunately my lantern has just gone off as I was unable to Queue up for Kerosene yesterday.

Mama Nkechi who sells in bottles around my area has travelled for Christmas already. You may be wondering why she decided to travel so early. She gave me a hint on what many people are doing now, especially that Christmas is around the corner. She doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of spending Christmas with her people in the village. If she had waited beyond now, fuel hike will frustrate her journey. Is she not a wise woman for travelling earlier than now? “Ibo women no dey carry last”. I’m saying this to say that my errors can be pardoned as I barely managed to put my words in black and white. I’m sure, from where you are also coming from, you understand what we face down here. After all, you were ‘shoeless’ at one time. We don’t feel bad about the situation anymore, and we don’t even hope for a change either. We have acclimatised, I believe my child will do as well.

As for me, I’m grateful to you for the recent job opportunity you have created for us. I had been jobless for years, even before you took up the mantle of leadership. That turn of event, that historical moment also changed my story. Like other jobless youth, I now smile home with daily allowances by just hawking fuel along the streets of Abuja. I must commend your administration for this laudable achievement. I hate those who continue to complain that you have not done anything. If they have not benefited from your administration, I have. I pray your administration continue to starve fuel dealers of stocks, so I can continue to make great pay, or the oil marketers should continue in their effort to sabotage the new policy. All that will benefit me.

Why do people have to blame your policy makers for their battle with the oil Marketers? They complain that NNPC should have made some alternative arrangements if they were going to go after some heavy weights in the oil industry. But should that bother you and your economic team. So long as Ngozi, Maduekwe, and Sanusi have fuel to run with and the few of us make profits from this hawking business, we are just okay. It doesn’t matter if bus drivers and Okada men make their pay. Don’t be intimidated by the cork and bull story of a possible upsurge in crime. “No send them jor”. Boko Haram and other Armed bandits may not even have money to put gasoline in their vehicles, so ignore all that warnings. Those complaining are just some antagonists dreaming to take over from you one day. We are with you in this battle. Thank God, I’m making my pay.

Any little opportunity is a great opportunity for me, whether it’s a good or bad one. We are all fighting for survival.
Apart from the job opportunity, I want to also appreciate your government for the recent improvement in the standard of education. Today, across the country, both the literate and the illiterate can freely analyse your government. They are grounded in what’s happening around them. Even an unborn child who would prefer to have been born in Afghanistan knows the situation down here. In this area, I would say you have tried in terms of political awareness. Our children, both born and unborn are conscious of the situation. They are so familiar with the words ” palliative” “subsidy” “Boko Haram” “Bombing” “Shoeless” “on top of it” “Kidnapping” etc. No government has ever achieved this. I congratulate you Sir.

Some ‘badbelle’ people keep complaining that Nigerians are dying because of Boko Haram, and I wonder why they complain. Life and death, which do they prefer? From my understanding, Boko Haram is a creation of some concerned Nigerians to cut short the lives of suffering Nigerians. I think it is an alternative created by the government. It’s an option; you either choose to die by hunger or by Boko Haram. It’s really not your fault my dear president. You have done well.

People complain that we are no longer the giant of Africa, and I just wave off their assertion. At least, I know that since you came into power, you have displayed that we are still the ‘Giant’ as you continue to sacrifice for our brother countries like Benin Republic and Togo. At least we supply these countries enough electricity while Nigerians are left to battle with high tariff and epileptic power supply. I appreciate you because, they say that every hero dies for others. It doesn’t matter what we face, but let our brothers in other neighbouring African countries smile. You are a great man. You think of others before self.

Don’t be scared, my dear president. No weapon fashioned against you will prosper. You said things will change before 2015, but we don’t hope for anything better than this, as we have lived like this for years, and already use to the situation. We are ever ready to welcome any kind of hardship. You are a true leader. We appreciate you. One GBOSA!

Yours in hardship, Adoyi Ali."