Björn Borg offering free pixel pants in Swedish stores

Swedish underwear brand Björn Borg has used "naked" models running loose in central Stockholm as part of an innovative campaign to promote a unique style of long underwear.

A short video released by the company on Friday shows a man and a woman disrobing as they stroll through the Swedish capital, eventually appearing to have shed all their clothes.

YouTube link.

Despite looking as if they are completely naked as they saunter through Stockholm's chic shopping district, the models are actually wearing "pixel pants" long johns. "Say 'Pixel Pants' at a Björn Borg Store in Sweden to get a pair of limited edition pixel-long johns for free," the company say in the video.

The limited-edition long underwear line's signature characteristic is a design featuring pixellated privates, which give the impression that the wearer is naked, but has somehow had his or her genitals pixellated. “They’re a bit provocative,” one central Stockholm shop assistant said, adding that no one had yet come in to claim the freebies as of 5pm on Friday.