Burglary suspect attacked by dogs after hiding in kennel

A  woman is recovering in a Fort Worth, Texas,  hospital after police say she broke into a home, ran into a man's backyard, hid in a dog house and was attacked by the dogs.

Police said a man called police when his neighbour, Amanda Moore, told him a woman just broke into her house then ran into his backyard. "I heard a noise in my middle bedroom, and all of a sudden, my bedroom door opened, and there was a lady in my hallway," Moore said. 

"I woke up and she [saw] me, she ran back out the window and went into the neighbour's backyard." That neighbour is Jerry Gambino who had let his dogs into the backyard. He heard the commotion and went outside to see the suspect inside his dog house, with his three dogs inside as well.

"Whenever I came back here, all three dogs were in the dog house and I saw her legs sticking out, I was yanking the dogs out by the tail, at least if I pull them by the tail, they're going to either back up or try to bite me." Police said the woman had injuries to her lip and hand, but were not life threatening. No one else was injured.

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