Clash between Goldie & J Martins after he disrupts her video shoot in SA

There's serious bad blood right now between two music stars: Goldie and J Martins. It's a long story, but I'll try to make it short. Goldie invited J Martins to South Africa in November to appear in the video of a song they did together called Give It To Me. J Martins asked for business class. Goldie said she couldn't afford it. J Martins agreed to come reluctantly. Then he told Goldie to pick him up at the airport. Goldie sent someone instead. J Martin refused to follow the man Goldie sent to the airport to pick him up, saying he didn't know the man and didn't want to be kidnapped (which makes sense).

J Martins took a taxi, then checked himself into a $700 hotel, refusing to check into the hotel Goldie had booked for him. Goldie and other members of her crew then went to J Martins' hotel to see him but he refused to see them. He said he was tired, and was not feeling well, so couldn't see anyone. Then the morning of the shoot, J Martins refused to come to set. He asked Goldie and her crew to pay for his hotel accommodation. $700 x 5 nights = $3, 500. Goldie said she couldn't afford it. After much begging and talks, J Martins agreed to two nights refund which was $1400.

After that was settled, J Martins didn't show up on set till 3pm that afternoon. When he got on set, he refused to enter the video until they gave him the $1400. Then he complained about the costumes, said they weren't his style, he complained about this, complained about that, he refused to do this, refused to do that...he was rude to the crew, he was talking on the phone instead of shooting...etc...etc.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, the white guys shooting the video got tired of all the drama and packed their stuff and left without completing the video. J Martins shot some scenes but not all Goldie is said to be pretty angry at J Martins right now because she lost a lot of money as a result of his behaviour and she didn't even get an apology from him.

Right now, they are 'sworn enemies'.
End of story! :-)