Deep-fried gun fired inside restaurant

As a reminder that deep-fried anything can be a health hazard, a gunshot rang out at 9:30 pm on Sunday Nov. 25th after a gun was thrown into a deep fryer at the El Diamante Restaurant in Las Vegas. "It was discovered the gunshot was a result of a firearm being tossed into a deep fryer and exploding," a Las Vegas police report said. No one was hurt .

Although no one was arrested in connection with the shooting, 44-year-old Obdulio Gudiel was arrested and accused of attempted robbery with the use of a deadly weapon in connection with an incident shortly before the gun was fired. But the facts surrounding Gudiel's arrest are murky.

Gudiel told police that it was a mis­understanding and that he was only trying to obtain payment for three cars he sold his nephew, Victor Larios. Roberto Casprowitz told police that he and Larios went to the restaurant and were told it was closed. On the way out, Gudiel pointed a gun at them and told them in Spanish and English to pay him, the report said. The two then drove away.

Casprowitz called police who met him at the restaurant. The gunshot went off while police were evacuating the restaurant. The overcooked gun appeared to be a Beretta. An employee told police she saw Gudiel holding the gun earlier. She also said a man then asked her to hold the gun when police arrived, but she refused. It is unclear whether Gudiel is the man who asked her to hold the gun.