Directors In Civil Service Own More Houses Than Dangote – Jonathan

A damning verdict has been passed on the present crop of Directors in Nigeria’s civil service as President Goodluck Jonathan accused them of greed and amassing properties. The president gave this indication last Thursday at the funeral service of late Kaduna State Governor, Mr. Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa at Saint Paul Catholic Church, Fadan Kagoma, Jama’a Local Government Area of Kaduna state.

Jonathan urged civil servants to emulate the late governor who never lived a flamboyant lifestyle while serving his fatherland. 
His words: “Yakowa talked about peace, love, and unity always. He was a nationalist but death comes when it will come. When it comes it is what matters. His death is unfortunate, but it is the Will of God. I was encouraged by the speech of the widow (Amina) that Yakowa’s death brought unity and peace.”
Speaking further, Jonathan added that: “Yakowa was a nationalist. He played his roles very well as a civil servant of the old not as a civil servant of today when a director has more houses than Dangote. “There was no ethnic or religious divide in his blood. It is time for all Nigerians to preach peace, love and unity because this is what Yakowa represented when he was alive,” he noted.