Dog bit off more than she can chew with circular bone

A hungry Labrador bit off more than she could chew after getting a bone wedged around her jaw. Four-year-old Charley was chomping down on the 10cm circular marrow treat when it got stuck and her owner Pete Williams, 31, was unable to remove it. He rushed her to a PDSA hospital in Brislington, Bristol, where veterinary surgeons sedated her and used specialist cutters to remove it.

Pete, of Whitchurch, Bristol, said he was unsure how the bone became lodged around Charley’s jaw. He said: “We had given her a marrow bone as a treat and she was happily enjoying it but as she was munching her way through it she somehow managed to get it stuck around her jaw. Once I realised what had happened, I tried to get the bone off but it was completely wedged.

“It’s beyond me how she did it. I’m really grateful to the vets and nurses at PDSA for the way they looked after her.” Charley suffered a blood filled swelling on her jaw but luckily the ordeal left no lasting damage and, with pain medication, she was able to go home the same day. Linda Day, Senior Veterinary Surgeon at the hospital, said: “We do see cases where dogs get things stuck in their jaw but I’ve not seen anything like this before.

“It was so firmly wedged she could hardly move her jaw. It was essential that we took immediate action to remove it. Thankfully cases like this are very rare.” She added that the case highlighted the dangers of giving dogs bones and urged owners to consider alternatives such as dental chews. It’s not a good idea to give dogs bones as there can be serious consequences that owners aren’t aware of,” she said.