Driver hit by large circular saw blade

A Marietta, Georgia man says he is lucky to be alive after he was hit by a 14-inch circular saw blade while driving on Interstate 285 on Tuesday afternoon. "I was minding my own business, and all of a sudden it felt like someone hit me in the head with a baseball bat," Henry Rodriguez said.

But it was no baseball bat that hit Rodriguez. It was a 14-inch circular saw blade, often used to cut through concrete. The blade left a deep gash to his forehead and cut so deeply into his arms that it severed multiple tendons, leaving him unable to move fingers on his left hand.

Rodriguez admits, though, that he's lucky to be alive. "Just glad I wasn't decapitated," he said. Sandy Springs police said they were not sure whether the saw blade fell from a truck or had been laying in the road before it hit Rodriguez.

Investigators will try to locate the blade's owners by looking up its serial number. Rodriguez will likely have to have surgery to restore movement to his left hand. He hopes the blade's owners will compensate him for medical bills and repairs to his truck.

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