Father faces jail for spraying Liquid Ass in son’s school

A father is facing jail for letting off a joke 'stink bomb' spray at his son's school. Jason Festerman, of Marine City, Michigan, was called to school after his son was suspended for spraying foul smelling prank item Liquid Ass in his classroom at Marine City Middle School. Self confessed 'prankster' Mr Festerman said he was innocently checking whether the pump spray worked on the canister when it discharged.

But staff at the school claim he 'attacked teachers and administrators' with the rotten smelling spray and police were duly called. A description on the 'Liquid Ass' company website describes the smell it emits as a genuine, foul 'butt–crack smell with hints of dead animal' and fresh excrement. Festerman was charged with disorderly conduct, which carries a possible penalty of $200 and/or 90 days in jail.

Staff at the school believe he was taking revenge over his son’s one-day suspension. In an interview, Festerman has said his whole family enjoys carrying out 'Liquid Ass' pranks wherever they go, and love to let the fumes rip, including on trips to supermarkets. He said: 'We've gone to Kmart. We've had our kids with it. We've done it at like Dollar General. Everyone laughed.' But he said he and partner Rekiba had punished their son for bringing their property to his class and disturbing the room.

Mr Festerman also denied deliberately setting off the spray: 'I wasn't spraying it to spray it. I was checking, unfortunately I had to pump it, to see if anything was in it and it was.' he explained. Principal Catherine Wolford said 'security cameras indicated otherwise' and added that the smell was overwhelmingly strong — and reeked of rotten eggs. She said: 'We expect appropriate behaviour from everyone who enters our building, we take action that we feel is necessary up to contacting police.'

There's a news video here.