Fire breather accused of spitting flames at others charged with arson

A Greeley, Colorado man faces arson charges after police say he spat flaming streams of lighter fluid at two other men, according to The Greeley Tribune. Witnesses told police James Pachokas, 51, spat the fluid at two other men and lit it with a lighter.

After he was arrested, Pachokas told officers he "'spit fire' for money." Pachokas was in a house with Zachary Flowers, 18, and Jacob Kehler, 38, on Nov. 20.

Flowers told police Pachokas spat flaming fluid 20-25 times. Flowers and Kehler said the flames came close to their heads, and Flowers said he told Pachokas to stop.

Police say Pachokas had burns on his hands when they contacted him. Pachokas is charged with two counts of fourth-degree arson, a felony, and two counts of reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor. Pachokas’ next court date is Dec. 21.