Friendly's restaurant left unfriendly '100% Shit Show' message on receipt

A family made an unfriendly find when they got their bill at a Friendly’s restaurant. It was a trip to a Nashua, New Hampshire Friendly's the Cunningham family will never forget. But it won’t be the food they remember, but the message they found at the bottom of the receipt. “I saw that it said comp 100% Shit Show, and I looked at my daughter and husband and I said, ‘I don't believe what this says,’ I held it up it says shit show,” said Dawn Cunningham..

The family went to Friendly's about a month ago. “We waited for about 30 minutes, nobody ever came to acknowledge our existence or take our order and I flagged down another waitress and told her no one had come to take our order. So she immediately took our order right there and she left,” said Cunningham.

More waiting. Forty-five minutes later, they were delivered someone else's food - twice. “Come to find out, the waitress that had taken our order never submitted it she just left - she went home I guess,” said Cunningham. They finally got their food and Friendly's offered to pay for their entire meal. But when the final bill showed up, that's when they saw the rude message.

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“They had to have had it either entered into the cash register or they had a shit show button,” Cunningham said. Friendly's released a statement saying, "…this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable. We are investigating this with the restaurant and will take swift action. We hope we get the opportunity to rectify this directly with the guest." The Cunningham family said they were not offended by the message and they plan to eat at the restaurant in the future.