Goat who suffered trench foot makes recovery by wearing pink wellies

An arthritic goat who suffered trench foot after walking around in wet fields is being helped back to recovery by wearing wellies.

The twelve-year-old rescue goat already had severe arthritis, but the condition was aggravated by recent floods leaving Maisie with hoof rot – the animal equivalent of trench foot. But Maisie is now putting her best foot forward after carers bought her two pairs of children’s pink wellington boots to wear.

Maisie has spent the last six months living at Maria’s Animal Shelter in Probus, Cornwall. Founder Maria Mulkeen said staff have given her intensive moisturising to keep her hooves healthy. But she said the size eight footwear is the only way to keep her safe and help ease the pain.

She said: “Because we are so waterlogged here, her feet aren’t getting a chance to dry out. We are trying to treat her hooves so they are supple to stop them cracking. She looks pretty in pink but the wellies are really helping her.”