“If Fashola Still Smokes Despite Warnings, Then Okada Riders Have A Right To Operate” – NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) headquarters in Lagos on Monday, came short of a war front, as Motorcycle (Okada) riders encountered armed policemen, causing gridlock on the Yaba-Ojuelegba road
Apparently acting on orders, the policemen surrounded the NLC building, take-off point of the protest. This however did little to deter the organisers, Joint Action Front (JAF), as they remained adamant, saying they needed no permit to hold a peaceful rally.

 As tension grew, the police who were already overwhelmed by the gathering, called for reinforcement from nearby stations. Four of the people distributing leaflets among the crowd were later arrested, an action which further angered the protesters. Protesting further against the obstruction of the rally, JAF Secretary, Comrade Abiodun Aremu, told the police team thus “If Fashola still smokes despite warnings that tobacco smokers are liable to die young; motorbike operators also have a right to continue their operations with provided warnings that bike passengers are liable to be injured in an accident”.