Imran Khan swallowed alive by crocodile

A 12-year-old Indian boy was allegedly swallowed alive by a monster-sized crocodile at the National Chambal Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh's Bhind district on Thursday evening.

The boy was accompanied by his father when he was snatched away by the crocodile, forest officers said. The incident took place at around 4pm at Barhi village when the boy was drinking water from the river.

"Police said the boy's father and some railway employees working nearby tried to save him. But the crocodile dragged the child away," a forest officer said. The victim has been identified as Imran Khan.

His father, Hafeez Khan, was standing a short distance away from the river when the incident took place. This is the third such incident in the area in the last five years. More than 500 crocodiles were found in the last census, officers said.